Is Your Car Prone to Overheating on Long Journeys?

An overheating car does cause a lot of panic with motorists. Some reasons cars overheat could include engines which cannot effectively get rid of excess heat, coolant which has run out, a broken cap seal, or a vehicle which needs oil. By checking through all these possibilities, you can try to figure out the underlying cause of your overheating car before calling out your local auto towing company.

There are a few of things which can be done as a quick fix to prevent a car from  overheating. These methods should work till you can take your car to the nearest service station to determine the real problem. Firstly, raise the temperature inside the car by switching on all of the vehicles heaters. When you raise the temperature, any extra heat from  the engine will be effectively extracted.

 However, should this heating trick not work, you can add a cup of water to your car’s antifreeze. Even though this dilutes the antifreeze, it will cool your car down sufficiently to function. Of course, should you have antifreeze, adding this to the tank would be an excellent idea anyway. Should your car have sufficient antifreeze, the issue may be a hose which is blocked.

 Only remove the hose to the antifreeze should you know where it is located. Once it is removed, look inside to determine whether it is blocked. By blowing into it, you will be able to remove any items. By running through each of these tips, the car should then stop overheating.

 An overheating car should never be ignored. A car which continues to overheat every time it works is a car that could have several underlying issues. In this case, only a trained mechanic can find out the problem. Even if you have never dealt with an overheating car, it is wise to always be prepared, so you don’t have to call out a tow truck company.

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