Locked Your Keys in Your Car?

The best way to get into your car without the help of an auto wrecker service if you have locked your keys inside is to carry a spare one around on you at all times. This is really important should you park your car in a high risk area, or there’s a chance of bad weather. But, should you have the right supplies handy or are close to a drug store, you may be able to open your car up without having to call your auto wrecker service.

 First, check if all the doors of your car are indeed locked. More than one person before today has broken in to get their keys, only to find the other door is open.

Get your fingers into the lip at the top, right-hand corner of the driver’s side door. Pull until you create a gap which is 1/4 inch wide.

 Slide in a blood pressure cuff into the space you’ve made. Then let go of the door once you are assured the cuff is firmly inside.

 If you do not have the finger strength to do this, use a plastic lever to make the gap you require. Never use a metal lever, as it can scratch the paint of your door. However, should only a metal lever be available, wrap it in something to minimize the damage.

 Squeeze and release the bladder of the blood pressure cuff, as this slowly expands, it will widen the gap. Continue to do this until you have created a ? to 1 inch gap. Try not to over-inflate the bladder. Over-inflating will bend the metal on your door, breaking the window or pushing it off its track.

 Untwist a wire hanger to make a long, probing tool. Should you not have a coat hanger, then use a stick or something similar.

 Slide the hanger into the space you made. Use it to grasp onto the lock button, or use to press the lock to unlock your car.

 With some cases, it could be simpler to hook and retrieve the keys in your car or to depress the door button on your fob. It will depend on the model of your car. However, should this still not work, then and only then, should you call out your local auto wrecker service.

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