Things You Should Always Carry in Your Car, as Recommended by an Emergency Roadside Assistance Provider

It’s an inevitable fact of life, cars will break down. In fact, one of the largest emergency roadside assistance organizations in the country, takes on from  29 and 30 million roadside calls for assistance every year from  motorists that are stranded on America’s highways and roads. While most problems can be handled with very little trouble, others are  trickier due to the fact there is no aid nearby or everywhere is closed for the night. Waiting time for help to arrive varies depending upon where you are and the road and what the weather conditions are like.

It’s vital to stick to the Boy Scouts’ motto when on the road, which is be prepared! This means gathering together an emergency road kit and ensuring you carry it with you at all times.

 For individuals who want to take the thought out of building a kit by yourself, there are several pre-packaged auto safety kits available on the market today. These manufacturers have done all the thinking, however, most are predominantly get back on the road kind of kits; however, these serve as a great building block for you to personalize.

 For example, a kit could include a flash light, two batteries, a blanket, emergency poncho, air compressor, jumper cables, tow rope, two bungees, a multi tool, a set of latex gloves, duct tape and a first aid kit.

 Some kits come with more tools, some with more medical supplies, and some are more aimed towards winter. Prices can start from  $30 to $85.

 Whether you are trying to get back on the road after suffering a blow out or surviving the night in the elements due to your transmission having seized, there are some must have items in any emergency kit, which makes the experience of being stranded or waiting for your emergency roadside assistance more palatable.

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