Want to Know How Much You Have to Pay for Roadside Help?

What do a brand new Mercedes and an old pick-up truck have in common? Apart from  having four tires and an engine, they’re both useless when they break down and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

When this happens, you’ll be glad to have emergency roadside assistance from  an auto program. These programs offer services such as towing, repairing flat tires, being locked out from  your car, battery re-charging, fuel delivery and sometimes even help with mechanical repairs. There are several emergency roadside assistance programs on offer, from  such places as the AAA, AARP and even Wal-Mart, to name but a few.

 Usually, individuals buy emergency roadside assistance which is only covered for a year. Members pay first, or make instalments throughout the year. As with everything in life, you only get what you paid for. These programs vary depending on how many miles they’ll agree to transport or tow your vehicle and the services offered. Roadside assistance programs can start from  $36 to $100 per year or more, all depending upon the level of service given.

 For instance, triple A’s standard service is around $52 per year. This includes towing up to three miles, but you have to pay for the fuel, and will not include extras such as RV or motorcycle towing. For $82 per year, they will tow you up to 100 miles, and should you opt for their $105 service, they throw in extras such as car buying help.

 You may not need these extras, but it’s vital to cover some critical bases, like having a 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and a policy which covers the driver, not the vehicles. Also, insurance companies keep a log of the amount of roadside assistance calls made from  their customers, and an excessive number could mean higher premiums in the future. It’s also an excellent idea to bear in mind your policy could not cover every emergency, such as snow grounded cars or vehicle stranded in a flood

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