Want to Know You Are Not Buying Stolen Parts?

Lemons, gas guzzlers, or otherwise substandard vehicles ride over U.S. roads each day.

Many car insurance firsts require an auto wrecker service to get rid of vehicles that have been declared as totalled. Many state vehicle departments normally record damaged status upon title records, which should prevent such vehicles from  getting resold.

However, not every junked car is taken off the road, according to industry statistics.

A grey market does exist for vehicles that have flood or salvage titles. Safety experts declare that vehicles that come with with salvage titles could very easily buckle when involved in a crash should they be repaired incorrectly. Flood titled vehicles could fail or rust, according to consumer advisers. Several buyers and sellers, particularly within states that have no formal inspection programs, trade used cars that have such titles due to them being cheap. Several auto wrecker service junked cars find their way onto used car lots and classified ads, where they are re-sold as if nothing ever occurred with them.

 Most people purchase cars only a few times in their live span. So it’s simple to be ignorant with the ways unscrupulous sellers try to trick us into thinking a formerly junked car is nearly as good as new:


Because some states only track certain types of damage, unscrupulous sellers do cycle a car via a series of titles to clean its history of flood damage or its salvage status.

 Curb Stoning

According to some federal officials, some dealers sell junked or salvaged cars to salespeople, who then in turn advertise them as cut-rate private sales.


Title-washing a vehicle which has recently relocated across state lines may not have a comprehensive record. Honest sellers could decide to disclose previous damage, however, they are not obligated to do so. In some worst case scenarios, a stolen car is assigned a clean title by using a forged vehicle identification number, also known as a VIN number.

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