Why Seatbelts Are so Important

Ask any reputable emergency roadside assistance service and they will tell you, that wearing your seat belt should come as second nature to drivers and passengers. With an alarmingly low seat belt rate in America, we have gathered some facts that you didn’t know about seat belts.

 Seat belts are only made to be used once. Insist your seat belt be replaced after each crash, even low speed collision ones.

 Airbags work better should you be wearing your seat belt. Airbags only offer supplemental protection when involved in a crash, and drivers are able to slide beneath them should they not be wearing their seat belt.

 For every 1% rise in seat belt wearing, 100 lives are saved. When used correctly seat belts decrease the chances of death when involved in a crash by 61%.

 Back seat passengers not wearing their seat belts sometimes kill front seat passengers that are restrained. This is due to unrestrained passengers are flung forward or sideways on impact.

 Myths and Facts On Seat Belts


Seat belts are uncomfortable.


To begin with most people find seat belts uncomfortable, or confining only because they’re not used to them. Those drivers that have made it a habit to buckle up will testify that once their becomes a habit, there is no discomfort found. It can’t be emphasized enough the discomfort or inconvenience of vehicle crash injury compares to the discomfort or inconvenience you think you feel wearing a seat belt.


The seat belts don’t work in your car.


It’s important that everyone understands that new shoulder belts were created so you can still move comfortably, however, they will still lock during any abrupt stops or crashes. Most people make the error of mistaking this freedom as a broken seat belt mechanism. New shoulder belts were made to lock only when a vehicle changes speed or direction rapidly, not when the driver or passenger changes position.

 So the next time you have the need to call for an emergency roadside assistance, always remember what you read here, it could one day save you life.

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